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Joico Defy Damage Sleepover 100ml

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€ 30,90 € 25,33 € 309,00 / 1 L

Wake up to dream hair. Rise and shine with Defy Damage Sleepover, our bedtime bond-strengthener that nourishes hair while you sleep. With a brilliant formula that fortifies bonds through the night, this no-rinse treatment delivers softer, shinier, visibly healthier-looking hair after use by morning.

Here´s Why You´ll Love It: A zeroeffort, sleep-in treatment that works on damp or dry standards to give you gorgeously radiant hair by breakfast. Nourishes hair and strengthens bonds while you sleep. Reduces the appearance of split ends. Instantly softens & smooths hair. Boosts shine. Protects against pollution.

How to use: Apply evenly to dry or towel-dried hair at bedtime. Amount depends on hair length, density and texture. Start with small amount and add a little extra if needed. Focus on the mid-lengths and ends. Always avoid root area. Leave in overnight – no rinsing necessary. Use 2-3x a week or as needed.

Size: 150ml


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