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Paul Rivera True Color Brightening Mask 300ml

Paul Rivera
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€ 22,95 € 18,81

With regular use of the Brightening Mask, colour-treated hair is strengthened and protected for longer. Used in synergy with the Brightening Shampoo, the mask protects colour against environmental factors, maintaining hair’s vitality and shine.

The rich, ultra-conditioning formula adds shine to hair: Red Vine and Cranberry Extracts moisturise, nourish and inject shine into colour-treated hair, protecting the colour pigments and preventing colour fade.

You’ll love it because:

  • Ensures hair treated with colour or chemicals retains shine
  • Protects colour against environmental factors
  • Leaves hair soft and silky
Active ingredients:
  • Red Vine: thanks to the high concentration of vitamins and minerals, it delivers powerful antioxidant properties that help to counteract ageing.
  • Magnolia Extracts: its main properties include a protective action against environmental factors and the capacity to seal the hair cuticle, delivering shine.

How to use: Apply to towel-dried hair after using the True Color shampoo, then leave for 5/10 minutes and rinse off thoroughly.

Size: 300ml




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