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Paul Rivera Wavebuild Neutraliser 1000ml

Paul Rivera
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€ 21,95 € 17,99 € 21,95 / 1 L

When used with Wavebuild, it stabilises the wave and neutralises any alkaline residue associated with in-salon technical services. It sets the perm and gives hair definition and volume.

Contains Wheat Protein, which protects and moisturises, respecting the hair fibre, for effective conditioning during the technical service. The neutraliser is designed for use with the Wavebuild permanent waving lotion for natural hair  and the permanent waving lotion for dyed hair.

You’ll love it because:

  • Is essential for neutralising residue and stabilising the wave
  • Doesn’t damage the hair fibre during the technical service
  • Has a conditioning formula
Active ingredients:
  • Wheat Protein: an active ingredient with exceptional cosmetic properties, it moisturises and gently restructures the hair, leaving it silky soft.

How to use: Once the application time for the chosen wave lotion is complete, rinse off for around 3 minutes with warm water and then remove excess water by gently dabbing with a towel over the curlers. Ensure you fully douse over all the curlers with the Neutraliser and leave the product to act for 5 minutes. After removing the curlers, reapply the neutraliser, leaving it on for several minutes. Carefully rinse the product off, and next, wash the hair using a mild shampoo. Then style.

Size: 1000ml


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