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Biocyte Vit C/D3/Zinc Liposomal N14

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  • Vegan

Biocyte VIT C/D3/ZINC LIPOSOMAL is a food supplement containing 3 highly dosed active ingredients in a single dose, 1,000 mg of vitamin C associated with 25 μg of vitamin D3 and 15 mg of zinc. A complete and quality formula, with active ingredients that act in synergy to boost the immune system!

As winter approaches, during the change of season, or in spring with allergies, our metabolism is put under even greater pressure and our immune system shows signs of weakening. We can find signs such as persistent fatigue, repeated infections, poor healing, low morale...

Vitamins C and D3 in association with Zinc will act in synergy to support the immune system.

High quality, the formula is in its most assimilable form. Thanks to its rapid absorption, Vit C/D3/Zinc Liposomal is the ideal solution that will help your immune system to fight pathogens effectively.

A synergy of action between the 3 active ingredients to support the immune system:

Vitamin C supports the vitality and resistance of the body. It provides tonus and energy. Moreover, it has a strong antioxidant power and facilitates the absorption of iron.

Vitamin D supports the immune system. It acts on innate immunity (stimulates the production of "first line soldiers") and adaptive immunity.

Zinc is useful for the immune system. It also acts to support the breakdown of pathogens.

Our vitamin complex with zinc is protected in a high quality liposome. The liposome is a small protective shell made of lipids that keeps the vitamins and zinc intact until they are absorbed in the digestive system. This form has a composition identical to that of the digestive membranes, the liposome can fuse with the membranes to be fully absorbed.

The intestinal mucosa is protected and tolerance is perfect.

How to use: 1 stick per day, preferably in the morning. Pour the powder into a glass of water or juice (about 240ml) and mix evenly.

Quantity: 14pcs


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