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Biocyte Vit C Liposomal 1000mg N14

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Biocyte VIT C LIPOSOMAL is a food supplement containing vitamin C at a high dose of 1000mg, in a single dose. A quality formula to boost energy ! In times of stress, fatigue or even overwork, the body is very quickly short of energy.

In times of stress, fatigue or even overwork, the body is very quickly short of energy.

High quality liposomal vitamin C is present in its most assimilable form.

Thanks to its rapid absorption, Vit C Liposomal is the ideal solution that will help you boost your energy to effectively combat fatigue.

• Energy booster:
Vitamin C helps to fight against fatigue.

• Immune system reinforcement:
It helps to support the natural defences, to maintain a normal immune system.

• Antioxidant power:
Vitamin C has great antioxidant power to help fight oxidative stress and protect cells from free radicals. Free radicals are produced at an abnormally high rate by external environmental factors such as pollution, smoking, UV rays from the sun, etc. Once in excess, they cause premature degradation of the body's cells, resulting in premature cell ageing.

• Increased iron absorption:
It also increases the absorption of iron. It can be interesting to combine it with any iron supplementation or for anyone who has a malabsorption of this trace element. It also ensures the transport of oxygen to the nervous system.
What are the advantages of a liposomal powder ?

• A vitamin that is very poorly assimilated by the body:
Vitamin C is an essential vitamin, i.e. not synthesised by the body, although it is important for its proper functioning. It must only be taken in the diet or in food supplements. It is soluble in water, which makes it very difficult for the body to absorb. This phenomenon is further amplified by its extreme fragility.

• The liposomal form:
For complete absorption our vitamin is protected in a high quality liposome. The liposome is a small protective shell made of lipids that keeps the vitamin C intact until it is absorbed in the digestive system. This form has a composition identical to that of the digestive membranes, the liposome can fuse with the membranes to be fully absorbed.

The intestinal mucosa is protected and tolerance is perfect.

How to use: 1 stick per day, preferably in the morning. Pour the powder into a glass of water or juice (about 240 ml) and mix evenly.

Duration of use: 14 days.

Quantity: 14pcs


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