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Just Green Organic Laundry Liquid 1500ml

Just Green Organic
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  • Cruelty free

  • Natural

Just Green Organic Herbal Laundry Cleaner provides deep effective cleaning without damaging your clothes. It is suitable for hand and machine use. You can use it separately with whites and colors. Thanks to its formula that does not contain harmful chemicals, it does not leave toxic residues on your clothes and gives a fresh feeling on your skin.

Provides a healthy and safe cleaning for your babies, children and you.

How to use:

Separate white and colored clothes. Pour the detergent directly onto stubborn stains on your clothes and wash them in the machine with your other laundry. For hand washing, use 50ml of product per 5 liters of water.
To save the environment, wash an entire machine load at once, choose low temperature wash cycles and follow the detergent dosing instructions.

One bottle is enough for ~30 washes.

Store in an upright position in a cool place, away from direct sunlight.

The production date, shelf life and batch number are marked on the packaging.

Volume: 1500ml

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